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 Susanna Keynote Speaker

I am a top-rated keynote speaker, trainer, author, and one of the industry's leading resiliency and adversity experts on success, change, leadership, and hearing loss. 

I deliver high-energy presentations which are both engaging and humorous, as I share compelling stories to help you take action towards achieving business and personal success.

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Who is Susanna

I am on a mission to change the world - one company, one leader, and one individual at a time.

My path to success has required me to navigate many insurmountable challenges.  I was born with progressive profound hearing loss.  I was fitted with hearing aids at the age of 3 and was raised in a hearing world.  I had many challenges mostly communication and speech difficulties;  however, these challenges did not stop me from living a meaningful and purposeful life.

In 2005, while working for a large department store company as a successful retail leader, my life changed drastically when I became completely deaf due to "Single-Sided Sudden Deafness."  After suffering depression and misery, I made a life changing decision to become a cochlear implant wearer.  I received cochlear implants and am thankful for this amazing technology.  Shortly, thereafter, I was fired.

As I contemplated my next professional career pursuit, I obtained a Master's Degree at the University of Houston in Human Resources Development.  While, looking for my next job, I began to paint furniture as my "stress buster" since I could no longer afford to show and train horses.

After being fired again, I turned my "accidental business" of refinishing furniture into a successful small business.  However, at a very young age, I always knew that my mission in life was to motivate and inspire others.

Now, it's that time.  I am blessed to inspire you as a speaker, while I continue to create beautiful furniture pieces and I am a happily riding horses again.

I reside in Tomball, Texas with my 2 furry 4-legged friends:  Maverick and Charlie.

       Other Fun Facts about me:

  • Made a childhood dream come true of working on onboard "The Love Boat"
  • Met Patrick Swayze, as I was his beloved "Tammen" Groom for the day at Sam Houston Race Park
  • Ran and completed several half marathons
  • Galloped horses on the racetrack
  • Adrenaline Junkie - love extreme sports
  • Accomplished Equestrianne

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