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Sunny and her Cochlear Implants

Do you enjoy a good children book?  Read about "Sunny and her Cochlear Implants,"  a book that I had written about hope, acceptance and a can-do attitude through the experiences of Sunny.


Susanna Dussling with her Cochlear Implant

Do you desire to learn more about cochlear implants?  Read about my cochlear implant experience in this article featured in Houston Community Newspaper.


Do you like to read stories about business start-ups?  Read my article featured in Voyage Houston.  

Susanna showing B.A. Megiddo


Do you enjoy a good horse story?  Read my 4 -part series about my experiences with my once in a lifetime horse - "B.A. Megiddo,"  as featured in the Arabian Horse Times.

Susanna with B.A.Megiddo




Here's another story about "B.A. Megiddo" as featured in the Tomball Potpourri.

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