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My Keynotes

All of my keynotes, presentations, and workshops are highly customized for your personal and/or business success.

NOTE:   You can pick a program you like from the list below or you can mix and match programs and let me customize a special program just for you!  In addition, most of my  programs can be presented as a keynote, breakout, ½ day or full-day workshop or training.

All of my presentations include stories, are woven with humor, highly interactive, energetic, with a powerful "Call to Action."

Susanna's programs on conquering change and boosting resilience help organizations build resilient people and teams to amplify productivity, enhance performance, accelerate results and boost the bottom line.

Susanna's Programs Help YOU:

  • Inspire Bold Action
  • Boost Performance and Productivity
  • Improve and Enhance Relationships
  • Conquer Change
  • Boost Resilience
  • Lead with More Impact and Influence
  • Courage to "Rewrite your Story"

One Decision

Are you afraid to make those big life-changing decisions? What is holding you back?  I will share my ultimate decision with you regarding my hearing loss and cochlear implants with humor in this inspirational message.  You will be empowered to "rewrite your story."

This presentation can be easily tailored and customized for those interested in learning more about hearing loss such as:

  • Communication Strategies for those with Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Loss Awareness Among Seniors
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • General Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Loss in the Workplace
  • Cochlear Implants
  • Coping Stragedies
  • Parents of Children with Special Needs

This is definitely not a "fact finding" presentation only,  I share lots of stories about hearing loss and how anyone can overcome most any challenge by sharing how to be more resilient in the face of adversity.


Dare to Be Different

Are you trying hard to fit in?  Are you different because of a physical disability?  Are you being bullied?  In this unique presentation, I share stories about my physical disability including my 2 horses who also had physical disabilities.  In spite of all this, we all became a success both in the show ring and life.  You will learn how to embrace and celebrate your difference by just being you.

Action Speaks Louder than Words

Are you familiar with Experiental Learning?  It is an effective method of leading others.  I had used Experiental learning in my career.  This presentation can be expanded into a 1/2 day or full day workshop with hands-on horse experience at a local horse farm in the Houston area.  You will learn the tools needed  on how you can effectively use this method to lead, engage, and empower your teams.

Other leadership styles that I had utilized in my career, can easily be incorporated into this presentation such as:

  • Empowerment Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Employee Engagement

His Ears My Eyes

Are you teams unified?  Are they  a functional and cohesive unit? I will share stories from "Supreme Chance, "my show horse combined with my hearing loss on how we leveraged our differing strengths to success.  You will learn the tools you need to create "synergistic" work teams.

Failure Comes Before Success

Are you afraid to fail?  Are you afraid to take risks?  I had failed many times in my life, does that mean I was a failure?  No, it enabled me to take action to success.  You will learn tips on how you can overcome failure.

Today is your Tomorrow

Are you living your life with Passion and Purpose? Are you just drifting in life? Do you have a job you dislike? Are you following your passion? What do you desire to be remembered for?  I will share 5 powerful questions to ask yourself.   You will learn these questions to help you unlock your purpose and passion for your life, so you can leave an unforgettable legacy.

Oh, that Winning Feeling!

Are you doing everything you can to be competitive? Do you need the secrets to win in this competitive world.  I will share the secrets to winning in life and business.

What a Ride!

Have you ever owned a pet or a horse?  There are many life lessons to be gleaned from owning pets. I will share life lessons learned from showing, owning, and training horses.  You will learn how easily these lessons transfer to your personal and/or business life.

Speaking Topics:

  • Bullying
  • Competition
  • Disabilities
  • Life/Work Transitions
  • Vision/Purpose
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding
  • Small Business
  • Success
  • Women in Business
  • Creativity
  • Retail Leadership
  • Hearing Loss/Cochlear Implants/Deafness
  • Management/Leadership
  • Pets/Animals
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation
  • Positive Mindset/Attitudes
  • Goal Setting
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Types of Events:

  • Opening or Closing Motivational Keynote Speaker
  • Breakout Sessions and Workshop Trainings
  • Association Conferences and Conventions
  • Sales Meetings
  • All-Employee Team Meetings
  • Executive Retreats
  • Leadership Team Meetings
  • Training Events
  • Emcee’ing
  • Women’s Conferences and Events
  • Banquet Speaker

Rewrite Your Story

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